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 Latvian National Opera - a series of special summer performances at the height of the tourism season in August so that visitors to Riga can share the experiences that the inhabitants grow accustomed to throughout the year.



Are you a fan of positive emotions and true gaming spirit? Go Planet welcomes you!




Do you want to make a wreath, have cheese and beer and join the festive activities ? Lido Recreation Centre welcomes you.




If you want to have unforgettable leisure moments with new attractions in the outdoor zone, then you should visit ''Livu Akvaparks'' in Jurmala. It is the greatest resort city of the Baltic States.



Riga Zoo is surely the ultimate family trip. Even the most troublesome children can be seduced into behaving well when the chance to see tigers, polar bears and crocodiles presents itself; and let's face it, it's not just kids who love wildlife.


Stop the time! Enjoy the moment in Riga Circus! Absolute balance and filigree juggling technique professionals, artists with admirable steadiness of professionalism and artistic standing, internationally recognized expressive air-gymnast with hula-hoop rings, funky monkeys, artists on giddy height of chair pyramid, balancers on one-wheel bicycles, acrobats - jumpers through rola-rola rings and magician of the folk art.



The Europe's only museum dedicated to the Sun is in Riga! There are no two similar nations or cultures in this world. However, the Sun is equally significant in many cultures around the globe, and people depict it in many different ways. We welcome you to the Museum of the Sun to see for yourself the diversity of ways how humans see the Sun!

Kungu street 1, Old Riga    
Working hours: 10:00-19:00



Emils Gustavs Chocolate workshop
Emils Gustavs Chocolate offers to visit chocolate workshop in Emils Gustavs Chocolate café at Berga Bazars or Galerija Centrs.